About Us

The Organization is committed to helping people achieve their personal as well as professional goals, enable them to tackle critical problems of their life, and help them excel at decision making. Quite a few times in life some of the important moments are those at which one is low in morale and energies.

“Chase your dreams” helps people master their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, become more complete in terms of interpersonal, motivational and achievability.


Bringing out a positive change in people.


Looking at the problems of people from a unique perspective and help resolving them.

Founder's Profile

  • Master’s in Business Administration in Human Relations from a B-School.
  • Worked in analyzing and forging models to improve employee satisfaction in a world class production company.
  • Experienced in handling psychological, motivational and behavioural problems of collegiate students,dealing in these areas right from the college days which has grown into a passion now which led to the creation of “Chase your dreams”.
  • Working hard to understand people, instil them to energize, vigour the positive thinking, and helping them to change their lives henceforth.
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